Somos una agencia especializada en el desarrollo de estrategias integrales de comunicación, basada en la sustentabilidad como principio de innovación para un mejor futuro.
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Every business has a story to tell…let us help you tell yours.

Strategic Marketing


PR & Events


Content Generation



Inspired in the principles of permaculture, we design marketing & communication ecosystems to strengthen the qualities of our customers.

Permaculture: A system that seeks the development of a sustainable human creation.

Alchemia Dírige: CRM & Direct Marketing


Alchemia Creativum: Promotes content creation between our clients and the Alchemia Team


Alchemia PR: Storytelling, Strategic Communication, Audience Engagement, Positioning, Organic Publications in Offline & Online Media, Crisis Management, Media Amplification & Business Conversion: Conversation-to-Commerce


Alchemia Lapis: Data Lab, Analytical and Big-Data Application, Information Intelligence, Research


Event Marketing: Content Generation

Alchemia Dírige®

Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We guarantee an effective and durable relationship with every customer. Alchemia Dirige’s CRM project is the reference for every service offered and for the staff whose involved with the client. It allows us to design each relationship as well as think and act strategically to make it beneficial for both parties. The direct/market integrates a personalized communication to stimulate a close, open and efficient relationship between the brand and its consumers/company and the clients.

Alchemia Creativum®

From an alchemist perspective, creativity is the fusion of effort. Alchemia Creativum® promotes co-creation between our client and our team, which enhances the results in the design and implementation of a marketing strategy, or business. The Alchemia team possesses unique talents and empathetic abilities in creative thinking, which delivers visual tools to optimize the graphic elements of its customers (for profit and non-profit) and provide the correct positioning, dissemination and penetration of their target markets and audiences. Creating is the catalyst to realize the most important solutions of Alchemia, to lead its customers to reach their Magnus Opus®.

Alchemia PR®

Our experienced team works with our clients to build strategic communications to optimize reach through relevant opinion leaders, national and international media and online influencers through the use of own media, paid and earned.

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Nuestros servicios de PR incluyen:

  • Consejo de comunicaciones estratégicas / Motor Generador de Noticias
  • Monitoreo y análisis de medios
  • Relaciones con medios y bloggers
  • Entrevistas ejecutivas
  • Manejo de Crisis (incluye manuales y capacitación)
  • Copywriting y edición para sitios web, boletines de prensa, discursos, presentaciones, artículos, etc.
  • Viajes de Familiarización y Prensa
  • Media tours
  • Inauguraciones / Programas de Lanzamiento
  • Conferencias de Prensa
  • Outeach a celebridades
  • Servicio de buró de noticias: Capacitación para ser Portavoz (incluye identificación de premios y charlas)
  • Traducción y adaptación de materiales de comunicación en Francés, Español e Inglés.
  • Comunicaciones Business to Consumer, Business-to-business, e interna
  • Product placement con trendsetters
  • Generación de Contenidos y Relaciones en Redes Sociales:
    Diseño y manejo de todas las redes sociales (Incluye: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • SEO- CRM commerce
  • Newsletters para Consumidores y Medios
  • Activaciones y promociones en Redes Sociales (sorteos, eventos)
  • Diseño de contenido e implementación de Aplicaciones para Móviles y Tablets
  • Straeming de Video en línea
  • Programas y Capacitaciones de E-Learning
  • Blogs, lanzamiento de noticias y Viral Marketing
  • Generación de contenido publicitario
  • Marketing para motores de búsqueda

Alchemia Publishing®

Through the creation of personalized media, we create content based on our customers key messages to reinforce and capitalize them.

Event Marketing

Brands need one-to-one contact and presence to be able to convey the brand experience and incorporate their brand assets.